KickStarter Campaign June 19th

Kickstarter Campaign Begins June 19th

17:00 - Barcelona/Berlin

15:00 - London

11:00 - Eastern Time

10:00 - Central Time

09:00 - Mountain Time

08:00 - Pacific Time

Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is now LIVE

There are limited early bird pledges for the firsts supporters.

Remember that is good for every kickstarter campaign to reach the goal the soonest possible, so if you are considering to support us it would help a lot to do it as soon as possible

Why Kickstarter

I'm a solo developer with a full time job, doing this project on my spare time, with some help from my girlfriend. And lately we can't find the time to put on this project as much as we would like, so if the kickstarter campaign is a success, the speed of the project would increase significantly.


the pledges will cost from 10 dollars and up, and will include digital copies of the game, name in the credits, wallpapers.  some physical items, like mugs or posters

Also the possibility of designing your own car, or wingset (wings and spoiler) sending a sketch of your design following some directions we'll give you, and we'll make it !

Where will the money go?

Mainly in 3 directions: 

  • Development, so we can spend more time on this project
  • Third party assets, this speeds things up and will get a better result on the level designs (Better Graphics)
  • Marketing so when the project is ready, the game is know.


If there is anything you would like to see on the kickstarter campaing, please let us know!