Rocket Assault Beta Testing

IMPORTANT: After testing the game please fill the feedback form 

Just a few things I would like to tell you before you try Rocket Assault Beta

  • This version is focused on gameplay and level design testing and improvements (UI, Style or Music is not under evaluation at this point)
  • Keyboard is not tested AT ALL (if you use it you will have trouble)
  • Vertical sync can cause input lag, so disable it.
  • Use the Key bindings to adjust the controller if neccesary
  • Play with Controller Deadzones and compare what feels better
  • have in mind the lasts levels are meant to be advanced levels.
  • try to complete all 6 levels if possible.
  • If you can make a video of your first plays, and share it on our discord server (seeing your first contact with the game could be great information)
  • At this moment Don't share gameplay video outside the discord server.
  • There is no rush take your time with the game.

Consider joining the discord server, we have a testing channel with the updates and improvements.

Thank you!