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About Rocket Assault


Consistent Gameplay

We think the basis of any good game is a well developed gameplay experience, more so in the ones that require skills, so in Rocket Assault we are obsessed with reaching smooth and consistent gameplay mechanics.


Challenge Modes

Public and Private challenges can be made, selecting one ore more levels, and setting the number of plays the challengers to get the lowest time, that way each challenge play has a meaningful feeling.


Input Binding

The controllers are almost the same we all know and love from other games in the same genre, a few additions have been made, and the possibility to bind the keys for every action.

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The rockets have a tracking system that will choose a target if it's close enough and will try to hit it. ,It's challenging and very satisfying every time you destroy something.



 we are developing customization for almost everything in the cars, colors, materials, decals, wing and spoilers sets, boost trail and drift trail. 



 We are really satisfied with all the possibilities Unreal Engine brings us, without it none of this would be possible. 

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About Us


We are a couple from Argentina living in Barcelona. 

We have started this project together one year ago. Since the beginning we are committed to make this hobby part of our lives. Our goal is to have a full time job around it that allow us to create more games and work from any part of the world.

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Avinguda Diagonal 32, 08019 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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